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Billing Information

An emergency room visit is a stressful experience. All GSEP providers are exceptionally well-trained and we hope this was evident during your recent visit. We know that sorting through the various bills you receive is another stressful time. We hope the following will answer some of your questions. If not, please contact our billing company, PracticeMax, by phone at 210-293-6030, or by fax at 210-614-0710.

The GSEP providers are not employed by the hospital

The only compensation for the care we provide is that which is received from billing our patients. Therefore you will get a bill from GSEP for the services provided. There is no relation between our bill and that from the facility at which you received care.

The amount of your bill can not be determined beforehand

Your bill is determined not by the amount of time that was required but through a rather complicated coding procedure based upon the severity of your complaint and treatment provided. This process is mandated by the Center for Medical Services. The process takes some time so therefore we cannot know what the amount will be until the process is complete.

GSEP is contracted with numerous insurance companies

In negotiating these contracts GSEP agrees to accept a discounted rate. The insurance companies then determine any amount due from the patient which then often shows up as an adjustment on the statement.

GSEP uses PracticeMax as our billing agent

You can expect to see this name on correspondences regarding your emergency visit.

PracticeMax prepares the bill as quickly as possible and sends it to the insurance company

The insurance company then processes the bill and sends you a statement. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks but can take as much as 12 weeks depending upon the insurance company

PracticeMax will bill your insurance on your behalf

We rely upon the information about insurance that you provided the hospital to process the billing. If you receive a direct billing or inquiry about insurance from PracticeMax it is likely they received no or insufficient information regarding your insurance from the hospital. Please contact PracticeMax by phone at 210-293-6030, or by fax at 210-614-0710.

If your insurance company does not pay within 45 days, PracticeMax may send you a notification of non-payment. Please contact your insurance company.

If you have more than one insurance company, after PracticeMax receives payment from the first PracticeMax will bill the remainder to your second insurance company.

If you have no insurance and cannot pay the full amount in one payment please contact PracticeMax to arrange a payment plan.